SASCA A retained their 100% record in Division 1 after travelling to Chesterfield and winning by just 4.5-3.5. The match didn't feel particularly in danger, with the win assured relatively early on in proceedings.

On Board 1, Oscar drew with the black pieces against Dave Latham - the rook ending with equal pawns was always likely to end as a draw in a tight game. Peter Shaw on Board 2 continued an incredible run of form (having won twice in the 4NCL over the weekend, including a demolition of grandmaster Keith Arkell which raised some eyebrows) by taking charge of his game against Hubert Mossong and eventually converting to gain the full point. 

On board 3, Jonathan Arnott gained a small edge with the Black pieces against Mike Alcock and was able to neutralise White's pressure after he sacrificed a pawn for play. Board 4 saw a fine attacking game by Miles Edwards-Wright in the 3.Be3 line against the French Defence. The finish with R+B+N+4P v 2R was visually very impressive for Miles, who was in charge of the game throughout due to a huge lead in development.

Board 5 saw Tom Wills outplay his opponent in a tactical position, leaving him only to have to be careful when wining material not to allow his opponent's queenside passed pawns to run down the board. Again, this was a matter of technique to finish.

Steve Gibbs succumbed on Board 6, going an exchange for a pawn down in a game of opposite wing attacks. Whilst it appeared that he had adequate compensation on an open board, his opponent was able to eventually break through and swapped off into a winning endgame.

Paul Blackman on Board 7 lost a tight game which went down to a bishop-and-pawn endgame, whilst John Fryer also went down in a similar endgame on Board 8 having been a pawn down for most of the game.

Three matches now remain in the League: Nomads A, Nomads B and Nomads A. One match remains in the Cup: Nomads 1. Playing the same club four times in a row does rather seem like overkill, but both the League and the Cup will be determined by these matches.